This is StarClan territory. They make the rules, and expect all cats to follow them. If you do not follow the rules, you will be reminded gently by me. Failure to abide by the rules after more than three warnings may result in you being removed from the site! If you don't want to follow all the rules, don't become a member! These rules are originally from the website Warrior Cats Play, and I give full credit to Briarpelt.

1. For this website, we are using the lake territories, and we are continuing the series after The Last Hope ended. This means that you cannot be related to one of the characters in the books.

2. Please tell me if you are leaving for a while so that I know you didn't just quit! I have the right to replace anyone that I don't see on frequently! This is especially applicable to high-ranks!

3. Please respect all the people on this site! Do not ask for really personal information! Something friendly like asking their name or something is allowed, but you do not have to tell anybody anything about yourself if you don't want to. Just say something like: "Sorry, I don't really want to share that!" If you want to email me, but you don't want me to know your personal email, you can always make a different email address or simply send me a PM on the site!

4. The maximum number of kits you can have per litter is four, because it is very hard to RP all of them equally. If you wish to have more AFTER the litter has aged up, you can do so as long as you can handle RPing them or also get someone else to RP them with you.

5. You may only have one mate at a time. In the books, there were absolutely no cats who had several mates at a time or anything sketchy like that. You may also not have kits until you are a warrior. Also, it is extremely inappropriate for an older apprentice or any aged warrior to have a crush on a kit. That's basically the human equivalent of a teenager having a crush on a toddler! A young apprentice or kit doesn't even really have a proper concept of love anyway, so please go easy on that! Also, the only excuse to have more than one mate is if your character is cheating.

6. If you see any cyber-bullying, spamming, or any rule-breaking or offensive posts on the site, please report/flag the account and tell me! If you get caught up in something like that, it is best to ignore whoever is doing it. If you give them attention, it will get worse.

7. No power-playing other characters! This means that you cannot control anyone else's character, or pretend to be someone you're not! This also includes adding cats in your description or story without asking them first, or using battle techniques improperly.

8. Please understand your limit when it comes to having cats in a clan. You may have any number per clan but understand your own limit to how many you can play yourself. (Rule may change if more people join)

9. You are only allowed to create a character that is a normal, non-magical, and decently realistic cat. Any non-forest Clan character is allowed to have some relations to bigger cats, so there could be a cat that is part tiger and is bigger than others because of it, but all Clan cats must be just normal sized house-cats. No forest Clans in the books had any cats that were, lions for example, partly because big cats don't live anywhere near them, but also because certain Clans would have completely unfair advantages over others! Also, no cats are allowed super-powers or anything silly (like wings, seventy five inch metal claws, the ability to breathe fire, etc.). It takes away the whole fact that this site is based off of the books, and is not a fantasy version of the books. If you want to make a magical cat, please go find another RP site because there are lots of sites out there specifically for that! [ If your cat is an outside cat and has some relation to bigger cats and joins a clan, your offspring will be slightly larger than a normal clan cat ] 

10. LGBT+ Cats are allowed and relationships!

11. You may only have a name that is appropriate for your Clan or rank, and a name from the books, or that the cats could know about. For example, no names related to Twolegs or something that the cats wouldn't know, like Citypelt, Galaxyfur, Butterwing, Posterpaw, or anything like that. The name "star" is never allowed for the forest Clans, unless you are a leader and it is your suffix! Also, we only allow names such as Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring if you're using "spring" and "fall" in reference to the action. But cats do not know what winter, summer or autumn are! This goes only for Clan cats! (If you are a kittypet who has joined a Clan, or have an otherwise convincing backstory, you may keep your name. The leader of the clan can choose to make you change it, however.)

12. There cannot be two cats with the exact same name in a Clan because it gets way too confusing. You can't share names from different Clans either.  Hint: It can be easy to check to see if your name is already taken if you hold down Control, then press F. A little search box will appear in the top right corner, so just type in the name and press enter to find any names similar to yours!

13. If you are joining a Clan and have a non-Clan name, you really should change your name because that way, the leader knows you will stay loyal to the Clan. However, if you really want your name, you may keep it, but I will not allow this if it gets out of control (like having half the Clan with non-Clan names). A leader may force you though if the clan is strict to the code.

14. Your character, of course, can have talents, but with those, they also must have flaws. You cannot be good at hunting, climbing, running, swimming, healing, jumping, and fighting all at once. You may pick one or two that you excel in. Otherwise, you are basically a super-cat, which is boring for everyone that is role-playing with you. If you make a kit, you cannot say that they are good at fighting or hunting because they aren't allowed to know how. However, you could say that according to their build, they will likely make a good fighter or hunter in the future.

15. Please keep your cat as naturally colored as possible. You may dabble a little bit but don't go overboard with unnatural colors like pink, blue, bright red, etc.

16. You may not have clothes, or any Twoleg-related items, on your cat if you are in one of the original Clans (ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, or ShadowClan), but you are allowed for Clans like BloodClan, or if you are a kittypet, loner, or rogue, as long as it isn't incredibly unrealistic and/or silly. For example, if a Twoleg had a cat, that cat would never let them put something like glasses or headphones on them. Anything from the books that was normal should be fine here! You may have dog tooth claws and a tooth-spiked collar if you are in BloodClan, as that is normal. How they get the teeth in their claws I will never know, but nevertheless, this is fine! If you really want to wear something, as a Clan cat, I will allow something natural, like flowers or feathers!

17. Please respect your cat's rank in the Clan! For example, kits cannot fight full grown warriors without getting easily killed, and leaders must lose lives somewhat often, but the major thing is that warriors are not allowed to use herbs like a medicine cat. No warrior would want a medicine cat giving them battle tips and hanging around the training hollow all the time getting in their way, so please respect that! The only exception is, if some cat is dying and there is no medicine cat there, you can use easy herbs like catmint or cobwebs because it's an emergency! Even if you joined the Clan knowing herbs from your past, if you were a respectful warrior, you would leave that job to the Clan's actual medicine cats!

Also, remember that a kit has not been trained in the slightest, as it is against the warrior code! So for example, if I see something in your description about how your kit is a great hunter, I will take it out because that is impossible! The only exception to this is if your cat was from somewhere else first, like BloodClan, where they didn't have such rules, and they may have learned battle or hunting skills OR there is a current evil ruling and they "change" the code for their clan and force kits to train. Also, no cat besides the leader should be ordering the Clan around (except maybe the deputy), making ceremonies or announcements, or going onto the high-ledge. UNLESS it is an agreed overthrow/riot where you overthrow a poor-led leader where you have NO medicine cat or both evil leader and medicine cat.

18. You are not allowed to create a character that has more than one life like a leader. This is is unfair, and many people will soon want to do it, creating several seemingly impossible-to-beat characters! 

19. No inappropriate content and spamming/non-stop advertising. Swearing is allowed OUTSIDE of RP as long as it isn't used offensively. Warrior Cat insults only inside RP. Please be careful with slurs and only use them if you are reclaiming them yourself. Some others might not be comfortable with you using them still though so if someone asks you to not use them, do NOT.

21. To roleplay, please use the book style! But please use brackets when not RPing! (e.g. Nightfang padded into camp, looking confused. "What's going on?" (Oh, PS guys, when is the battle?))

22. Your character cannot be in two places at once, or "teleport" around. For example, you cannot post in the leaders den when you are supposed to be in the patrols. I know sometimes people do this by accident, but please don't knowingly skip around the camp.

23. You may start a group PM or anything like that, but please do not harass or spam other members with it. This includes not deleting the conversation when it is over and continuing to post randomly on it, bringing up annoying notifications for other members. This is extremely irritating, and can get you deleted as a member!

24. You may only have three high-rank at a time. If you just had a high-rank but no longer have one, you should not be allowed to get another one right away because that isn't fair to others. You cannot sign up as a high-rank, as those are chosen specially by me! If you are a leader or medicine cat and want to choose a deputy or medicine cat apprentice, you MUST send me or Carn a PM to confirm your choice. Otherwise, I will assume that you didn't pick one and deny everyone that asks.

26. Please use battle techniques fairly! Posting something like *jumps out of the way before Snowfur can hit him and rakes him across the nose, then pushes him into a tree* is power-playing because you don't know how Snowfur would have reacted after you scratched his nose. Posting that message implies that Snowfur did nothing to defend himself, which may or may not be true. An easy way to avoid this is to break up the techniques. For example, you could post *jumps out of the way before Snowfur can hit him and scratches his nose*, then wait to see Snowfur's post, then post again after, according to what Snowfur last said. It's no fun to fight someone invincible, so I mean, unless you are fighting a kit or something, you are obviously going to get somewhat injured.

27. Please don't beg me to make you either an admin, or to allow someone back on the site after they have been deleted! We delete people for a reason; they are harming the site, and we want the site to be as friendly and fun as possible! Also, only I choose admins, so please do not ask me repeatedly if you can be one. I'm sorry, but if you PM me asking to be an admin, I will probably just delete the message.

28.  No spoiling any of the books! If someone asks to know something, send them a PM. Don't ruin the book for whoever else is in the rp. If you want threads added in General Discussion for a spoilers thread, tell me and I'll make one. If you just want a thread made for something, ask Carn.

29. Medicine Cats may of course strip a leader of their lives and title IF it is in reason. You can't just strip them if you just don't like them. If the leader is evil and the medicine cat is good and the medicine cat has a PLAUSIBLE reason for stripping the leader of their title, they may. If the medicine cat is evil and the leader is good, the leader may strip the medicine cat of their title. But PLEASE, ask if it's okay to do so just in case the person has a plot that comes out of it. If there isn't a plot, PM the owner or Carn and we will handle it.

Once again, failure to adhere to these rules could get your account deleted! You will likely just get a warning if you break a minor rule, but if you break a major rule (swearing offensively, spamming, serious bullying, power-playing) or repeatedly break minor rules after multiple warnings, we have the right to delete you immediately! If you are unsure about whether or not you will be breaking a rule by doing something, ask me before you do it, just to be safe!

I give full credit to Briarpelt, owner of Warrior Cats Play for making these rules.